Fall is a ball, the best of them all. Leaf colors are bold. Fall is good, but put on your hood! It’s going to get cold! Fall is a frown with Covid around. It makes you want to cry! But don’t you fret, it gets better yet. Sorrows, say goodbye!! When you can’t go out, you want to pout. But indoors is still okay. Sometimes when you talk with good friends, you want to say “Hooray!”

Halloween! Such a fright! Candy from next door. Give me something sweet to bite! Surely not a bore. Have some fun in the sun. Play while the sky is blue! But in the night, such a fright! Is your candy enough for you?

Another holiday is near! Time to celebrate! Lighten up! Have some cheer! Time to decorate! Fruit, turkey, how ‘bout jams? Eat till you’re gonna pop! Cranberries! How ‘bout yams? I don’t want to stop!

Fall has lots and lots of delights! Lovely season, you see. Lovely at both day and night. Very lovely for me!