My Canada Trip

By: Saanvi Kumar

My family, including my cousin’s family, decided to go to Canada,Niagara Falls! A few days later we were done packing and getting ready and drove to the train station. Then we got on the train with all the luggage. My cousin brother came along too! When the train took off me and my sister started playing. Around 3 o’clock we ate lunch and switched seats. We got to Detroit and went to a hotel. Then we got dinner unpacked only to find what to wear for night. Then we watched a movie,decided who to sleep with,played and took a photo,and slept.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Everyone woke up. My mom told me It was just an alarm and she was going to talk to a person who works at the hotel. I asked ”Can I come”? She said ”Ok as long as you get ready fast because we are going to leave soon”. I said “ Ok can you please find my clothes in the suitcase”? ”Ok”my mom said. I got ready and we talked to the person at the hotel and he said” We sent an email saying this morning it will be a test alarm”. My mom talked a little bit and we went back to our room. My mom said to everyone (in Hindi) to get ready to go to Canada! And that’s where my journey begins.

Later, my family (including my cousin brother) were ready to go. I was soooooo excited because we rented a van! We got everything in the van and started the long journey to Canada! During our trip to Canada we saw lots of beautiful landscapes and SOOOOOOOO many windmills! And after what felt like forever we made it to a place called St. Catharines in CANADA!

I met 2 of my cousins for the first time and it was awesome! I went upstairs ( in the house ) and found my 2 cousins there! They were playing on their ipad and they introduced themselves and we played on the ipad\xbox it was fun! Anya and Tanya are their names. After that, we had dinner and went to bed. The next day we went to Niagara Falls it was fun and pretty and we bought a chicken bubble thing and took pictures. And that night we went to watch the fireworks!

Then we went back to the house and I got to sleep with Anya on the couch and Aarna slept on the other couch! In the morning everyone was gone so we left too.

And that is my amazing journey of going to Canada!